The Best Way to Send Money Home

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You work hard for the dollars you earn. You are careful with your money. Whenever you can, you send money back home to help out friends and family. They’re counting on you. And they really appreciate it. Back home there aren’t many jobs that pay as well as the job you have in the U.S. or Europe. And the money your friends and family earn back home loses value every day. That’s why everyone back home is depending on you to help them through the crisis. It’s why you traveled so far in the first place.

There are lots of ways to send money to the people you love back home. You can give cash at a Western Union kiosk. There are apps like Xoom. Or you do a wire transfer directly from your bank?

With all of these services, there are fees and foreign exchange rates that aren’t very good. But the real problem is that your friends and family receive local money that doesn’t hold value. They can’t save it. They have to spend it as soon as possible, because every day it’s worth less and every day things cost more.

With Western Union and Moneygram, you send a code that can be redeemed back home for local money. Xoom lets you send dollars — the same money as your paycheck — but there are over 80 countries where Xoom isn’t connected to the local bank network, so the money gets stuck. Bank Wire Transfers are expensive — $25 to send $100. Western Union charges $10 or more for every $400. It’s too much!

Now there’s something new called Airtm. You can send U.S. dollars to your family back home and they can hold those dollars in their Airtm account for as long as they want. They can save in dollars! When they want to withdraw money to their bank it’s easy — a few clicks on the Airtm website and they’re done. When you want to send more dollars, that’s just a few clicks too.

You travelled a long way to find the job you have. You want to go home one day. But not until you’ve saved up enough money to start a good life with enough money to provide for your family. You didn’t come so far to work just a little. You’re going to work like crazy and send money home so your family can prosper. When you return they’ll all be so grateful and proud!

And you’ll sit with them and tell them stories about what it was like to live and work so far from home, earning dollars and sending dollars home with Airtm.

The Airtm Team

The Airtm Team