Introducing the AirFoundation — Bringing Freedom and Peace to the Developing World

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Airtm was built on the ideals of freedom and democracy to help people in the developing world improve their standard of living. The founders, Ruben Galindo Steckel and Antonio Garcia Aerenlund, both from Mexico City, grew up during the 1994 Mexican Currency Crisis when the Mexican peso lost more than half of its value to the US Dollar. Millions of Mexicans lost their savings, and the middle class was largely wiped out — all due to disastrous monetary policy brought on by the government. The inspiration behind AirTM was to give power back to the people, enabling them to have control their own money and protect their savings from these kinds of catastrophic consequences caused by detrimental economic policies.

In Venezuela today, the situation is much more dire and only continues to deteriorate. Last year alone in 2017, the bolivar lost more than 96% of its value to the dollar, and inflation topped 4 digits. Due to the economic situation, Venezuela was the first market where Airtm launched and received overwhelmingly positive response. We have a special place in our heart for Venezuela, and we are committed to helping Venezuelans achieve a better quality of life. That’s why we are launching the AirFoundation, to transform the region for the better.

As the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela deepens, NGO’s in the country struggle from the government’s clout. Many have been accused of conspiring against the regime, and are persecuted as a consequence.

To make things worse, Venezuelan NGO’s have trouble receiving aid both domestically and internationally, as it is notoriously difficult to send money to Venezuela. Besides having to deal with a national currency that is now worth next to nothing, Venezuelans are unable to move their money with ease, and find that their funds are “trapped” in a domestic financial system that is disconnected from the rest of the world’s financial networks.

Airtm helps tens of thousands of Venezuelans free their trapped money and escape the bolivar’s constant devaluation by depositing their money in an online US dollar e-wallet. Users can fund their Airtm balance by using their local bank account, or through a variety of other e-payment methods, and even legacy money transfer systems such as MoneyGram and Western Union. As of a few weeks ago, we have launched crypto P2P on our platform, meaning users now have the option of funding their Airtm accounts via crypto (Airtm supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, and Zcash).

Once they have funded their Airtm account, users can send donations to any of our partner NGO’s instantly, and free of charge. With our active peer network in dozens of countries across the world, participating NGO’s will be able to receive donations both from Venezuela and the international community as well, in an easy, secure way.

We are passionate about our mission to help Venezuelans survive and prosper through the ongoing crisis. The NGO’s that we unite with all share our common goal of bringing progress and stability to a region that has become largely sidestepped from the global community. We intend to partner with NGO’s from all over the developing world in the near future that align with our mission and values.

The AirTeam invites you to take part in transforming the lives of people in developing countries for the better. For instructions on how to donate, please visit the AirFoundation website. If you belong to an NGO, or if you know of any who would make a great partner for our cause, we would love to connect at

The Airtm Team

The Airtm Team