Empowering hard working citizens of the developing world to better their quality of life.

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We all desire opportunity, and have the need for people to support, believe in and motivate us along the path to what opportunity brings.

What seems to be a limitless amount of people in the developing world are far too often trapped in systems that diminish their potential to positively impact their own and those around them lives.

Airtm brings developed world financial solutions to the developing world — giving people access to a toolbox of money saving services — send and receive money internationally, free trapped value held in e-money systems, and save in stable U.S. dollars.

To 10k’s of active Airtm members, Airtm is the thin transparent layer around the planet that ties them together with global economies, uniting and linking them to the growing present and prosperous future of local and global transactions.

These use-cases are powered by a network of hardworking, forex savvy, entrepreneurial individuals throughout Latin America and dozens more countries around the world. These peers, who are able to calculate fees from multiple payment systems, efficiently cycle value in/out of value networks, and interact with members in a professional manner at scale.

Airtm peer’s use Airtm to earn an income by exchanging USD for money held in various value networks, as well as subsidize their expenses by receiving gift cards at discounted rates. We have peers using AirTM part time to earn/save a few hundred dollars a month, to full time hustlers raking in thousands of dollars. Many of our peers live in countries with harsh currency devaluation, and receiving an income in U.S. dollars adds an additional layer of wealth preservation.

Since Airtm cycling of transactions requires initial capital to get started, and as we aspire to help those succeed who help our members succeed, we saw an amazing opportunity to get into the business of life-changing loans. Providing upfront capital to Airtm peers who have proven themselves as a positive influence on the Airtm member community, with only the proven good hard work of someone is the collateral that they need.

With the loan I could get better performance in net profit, which has helped me to have greater purchasing power to buy products from basic to premium shopping, because it is no lie that Venezuela is scarce many things, and thanks to the support of AirTM was able to improve the quality of life for my family.

– R.R. member since December 2016

Loans to the developing world isn’t a novel idea. An organization that inspired us was Kiva — a non-profit unicorn (+$1 billion in funds issued) bringing loans to the developing world simply for the greater good of the person on the receiving end. These aren’t donations, but loans for hard working individuals, who own grocery stores, raise livestock, farm, are craftsmen and craftswomen, as well as students.

In showing our support for Kiva and their mission, we are donating a portion of our loan revenue to Kiva borrowers on an on-going base. We’ve already helped complete a number of Kiva loans and look forward to many more to come! Check out our Kiva profile here: Airtm ♥’s Kiva.

We invite anyone to join Airtm, on average our peers make $400 per month with some peers making as much as $2500 per month — often paid to people in regions where the exchange rate is in favor of getting paid in USD by multiples. Airtm peers are anyone from college students or stay at home mom’s, to educational professionals, consultants, artists, and more. All whom, whether they are located in the developed or developing world, are helping members around the world gain access to stable financial services.

As our peer loan program has led to an increase in peer transactional volume on our platform (which means we can service more members), in the near future we plan to embrace all types of loans around the world. Similar to Kiva, connecting people with excess funds to dedicated individuals in the developing world who have a desire to learn, build, provide, and grow.

If you are interested in becoming a peer and applying for this program, please signup to Airtm via the link below, apply to access the Advanced Dashboard, and email josh@airtm.com as to why you would be a good fit.

Become an Airtm Member.


Josh @Airtm

The Airtm Team

The Airtm Team