Airtm Stories: Revolutionizing USD

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A long-neglected constituency in finance is the customer, and we’re working to change that. We want to make it simple for friends and colleagues anywhere in the world to send and receive money, no matter where they live.

Airtm is built to not just disrupt, but to revolutionize how money flows from friend to friend. The governments of many countries want to keep finance to themselves, and to leave people — regular people — out of the loop and paying (much) more for less.

You know what they say: if the system doesn’t work, you create a new system.

We asked Milton Machado, one of our favorite Airtm peers, how he uses Airtm and why he thinks our platform is the most revolutionary in the world.

Q: What’s your business, and how does cloud money help you accomplish your goals?

A: I am a global entrepreneur, now expanding a US-based Fintech startup in Brazil. I also represent a French manufacturer of industrial furnaces and I am starting an e-commerce venture to sell products from another European country.

Cloud money is important for me to consolidate my earnings from various sources and diverse currencies in a single place while still allowing me to move money and make payments in different countries, or invest in precious metals at the lowest possible cost.

Q: Why do you think Airtm is a better solution than just using an unregulated, no-security, no escrow peer?

Airtm is safe, and you know you will always have someone to help you out if things go wrong, which didn’t so far. It also helps thinking that it is a fully compliant company and your money won’t be financing drugs, terrorism or people smuggling.

A: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had as an Airtm peer?

I’ve had some peers not knowing what to do or what would happen next, but with some patience and empathy I could sort it out. Never had serious trouble!

Q: What interested you in Airtm?

A: The ability to help people in countries disgraced by tyrannical governments and rotten currencies.

Q: Do you have advice for other peers?

Keep on doing this!

Thanks for being part of AirTM, Milton!

The Airtm Team

The Airtm Team